Wednesday, March 2

Cat in the Hat Lunch

Ok.. this one has got to be my favorite Sandwich Creation so far!   I just love Dr. Seuss!  I could probably do a whole blog on just Dr. Seuss!  His work inspires so many crafty ideas!  Happy Birthday today Dr. Seuss!
Tyton says he tasted yummy.  "Even the drawing.  Mom, I didn't know your drawing tasted so good!"  He is talking about the mouth there.  He was pretty skeptical.

Hat Base: Turkey Sandwich, cut to shape.  
Hat Stripes:  Fruit Roll-up cut, but you could use Fruit By The Foot
Face and Ears:  Mozzarella Cheese cut to shape.
Eyes: Sandwich meat cut into 2 ovals.  Chocolate chips with tips cut off for pupil.
Nose: Chocolate Chip
Whiskers: Carrot sticks slices smaller.
Mouth: Edible food pen to draw on the cheese
Tie: Remainder of the Fruit Roll-Up!


  1. Such a great Cat in the Hat Lunch!! Love it!

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