Wednesday, September 5

DIY Heart Thread Holder

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You may remember this desk from a few days ago?  While creating the beautiful desk I took the opportunity to rearrange alot of my sewing supplies.  One thing that has ALWAYS annoyed me was having my thread in a drawer.  You can see them all, but if you don't have enough to fill the drawer right they all roll around and sometimes get tangled in each other and  Bleh!  Yucky!  

My Grandma Edna was a fantastic seamstress and quilter.  My mom and her four sisters all sew.  Now my and my sister sew.  Hopefully one day our daughters will continue on a sewing legacy!  Anyways, always remember a big wood board in my grandmothers sewing room that had HUGE nails tacked in with line upon line thread spools on it.  There were so many colors!  It was a beautiful site to me even before I was old enough to sew!  It was simple, it was colorful, it was gorgeous.

So when my mother asked if I would like one of these spinning thread organizers, I politely declined.  I knew exactly how I wanted to organized my thread!  While I do not have rows upon rows of thread, I still wanted to display my thread on the wall the way my Grandma Edna had.  Since I just painted a new sewing desk I could make the thread holder match!

I got a piece of scrap wood about 15 x 12 inches and painted it blue to match the dresser.  I left the middle plain with just the exposed wood.  I like wood and I wanted the lighter color as a background for my thread.  Then I used glossy Mod Podge on the whole thing.

Ignore the ugly back cause... I didn't bother painting it.  But pay attention to the sawtooth hangers!  I put on in each top corner.

I lined up my threads with the largest bottom all around the heart and used a pencil to mark the top inside circle where the nail would go.
The I used 3 inch tack nails and tapped them in about 1/4 inch.  I was careful to make them the same angle.

See!  Gorgeous. Simple. EASY!
Now my I have quick access to my thread that is NOT rolling around in a drawer, only to surprise me with a lovely tangle when I pull it out for use!
And...  Now I have another thing to remind me of my Grandma Edna while I sew.

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