Thursday, June 4

Summer Brain Book

I found this amazing idea over at Imagination Soup.   This is basically a printable to create a mini summer school binder.  It has a chart where you can track reading, math, and writing.  I reworked it for me.  I wanted mine to be black and white and the rewards are blank so my kids could choose their own rewards (with my help of course...  ;)  I also wanted my kids to do stuff everyday or at least have the option too.  Click HERE for the link to her blog post and printable. Keep reading to find mine below!

Below is a preview and an explanation of what I did.

Here is the cover.  I printed them onto colored paper and slipped them into the front of the old 3 ring binders they used in school!
Here is an accountability sheet.  Pretty simple.  I will check the end of the week to see what they have done and initial if they have earned their reward.  I like having all the boxes so that on a day we are super busy I can just cross it out if its fine with me that they didn't do it.  I printed these on white paper.
I edited her list a little but mine a little.  These I printed on colored card stock and put it in a page protector to use as a divider in the binder.  If I have work sheets or an activity I will place it behind this!
Book list to help keep track of what we got from the library.  Sometimes I forget what they have read... lol.
 Again... this is just the divider with ideas.  I will put worksheets behind it.  I printed this on card stock and slipped it into a page protector.
 Another divider to put math stuff behind!
 These are just ideas.  I liked the idea of having a place for the kids to come up with their own ideas.
My weekly rewards are blank.  I will work with the kids on coming up with their own!

Friday, May 29

Freezer Inventory

I recently have gotten into making freezer meals.  I put several together on a Saturday and then I have several healthy meals ready to just put in the crock pot or oven when its dinner time.  It has helped to speed up dinner.    But...  I thought I probably need to list what I have and what I use so that I will be more efficient every time!

I usually make about 4-8 of each meal.  They are good for about 3 months.  I figured this will help me keep track of what ends up being used more and what needs to get used soon!  If I make 8  I will cross of 9 and 10 so only 8 is showing.  Then when I use a meal I will cross of 8....  You get the picture.

While I created this for my freezer meals it could work to inventory your whole freezer.  Personally....  I would have hopes of doing that buy... realistically...  Yeah, not gunna happen.  LOL

I created this to match the 2015 Printable Planner.  You can put it in with that or magnet it to the front of your freezer!  What every you choose!  Scroll down to get the printable.

Thursday, May 28

Scientific Method

This is a simple printable I create while helping the Cub Scouts this week.  They were earning their Science Belt Loop and needed to learn the Scientific Method.  I figure this my be good for teachers or homeschoolers too!

We did a simple science experiment with marshmellow peeps.  I set out glasses and several different liquids.   Ex; Vinegar, soda, water, soy sauce...  Then we pour a liquid in a cup and placed one peep in each to see which one would dissolve the peep the fastest.  While none of them completely disolved in the time amount we meet it was still fun to watch as we stopped every now and then to play games!

I had them fill out this sheet during the activity.
It will print two per sheet.

Wednesday, May 27

How Long to Keep Important Papers Printable

Hello!  Just a few days ago I posted my printable for our Family Emergency Binder.   It has everything you might need in it if you were in an emergency and had to uproot quickly.  Or...  If you are a military family like us, it is simply nice to have everything paper-wise and important in one easy grab and go location.

I thought I would create a simple sheet for you to have or put in your binders that lets you know what papers to keep and for how long.  Keep in mind that you may have different circumstances that require you to keep certain things for long.  This paper is a good general rule for everyone.  I got most the information from the IRS website.