Sunday, June 1

Loki Quilt

Hello!  Sorry about the months between posts.  Obviously I am NOT the best blogger.  But... I still like to share MY stuff in my corner of the world so....

Here are pics if a Loki Quilt I designed for my neighbor.  Her mom threw her a suprise 16th birthday party.  She really is an amazing young lady and (right up my alley) is obsessed with all things nerd!  Doctor Who, Thor...  You name it.  When she has watched my kids I have heard her, with flaming passion, speak of Loki and Tom Hiddleston with girlish glee.  When invited to her party this quilt idea imidiatly popped into my head!

I was rushing to finish and didn't get pictures of how to make it but it was pretty simple in general.   The helmet side is dark green flannel with gold flannel for the helmet.  I ironed Heat N Bond to the gold and traced a helmet design on the paper.  I then ironed the helmet shape into the green and sewed away!

One thing new for me this time was free motion quilting with an actual free motion spring loaded foot.  My mom came to visit and insisted I needed one.  Gotta say...  Much easier to free motion quilt with it!  I drew my pattern into the helmet with disappearing ink and then stitched it.  The rest of the quit is simply meandered all over!  This is the largest quilt I have ever free motioned...  Gotta say.  I am a little hooked!
The back is all one peice of cotton fabric with comics all over.   Pretty simple since I wanted the helmet to be the focus.
I also got to use my textile stamp to label her quilt!  I love it!

Saturday, December 28

2014 Planner Printable

I am a sucker for printed planners.  I always have been, but since being married and having kids there was a point where I slipped away from them.   
One year I decided to create a blank planner printable for my husband who has used a printed planner ever since I have known him.  And since I was making one for him I decided to make one for me
I was rehooked!  I have no clue how I stayed organized without one!

He recreated a monster.  That was 2012 and for 2013 I decided I wanted something a little bigger and opted for an Erin Condren Life Planner.  LOVE IT!  So cute, perfect size, and great quality all wrapped into one amazing planner!

For 2014 I wanted to go the Erin Condren route again.  But I was a little late in ordering and it wouldn't even be shipped until Jan 9th by the time I looked at it!  How would I stay organized until then!  My children would run about willy nilly and our meals would consist of PB&J for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  So I decided to go on Etsy and check out the printables for sale.  I figured this way I could customize the pages a little more and it would cost less than a Life Planner from Erin.

While browsing Etsy I expressed my plight over not being able to choose. And feeling guilty for paying for something I would still have to print and could have create myself.  Then there was fact that none of them were quite perfect for what I wanted and I would have to mix and match planner styles.  It wouldn't match!  So my husband opened his big mouth.  
"Why don't you just create your own?"
I have plenty to do.  I didn't want to make a printable.  It takes time, I don't think I am that great at it and  I seriously need a new computer.  And plus I want the dates printed on the page.  I don't want just blanks that I fill in.  Call me picky.  It would take forever to do that myself. 
Then my husband opened his big mouth again.
"Ok.  I just know you will like it more if you make it. I KNOW you can do a great job. You are amazing."
Silence on my end while I rev up for the idea...  And husband realizes that I am beginning to change my mind and that I will spend hours on the computer making something perfect but that I didn't want to initially.  He opens his mouth again.
"WAIT!  You don't have too!  Spend the money please.  Save yourself sometime.  You are... also great at adapting and you will love whatever you find and put together on Etsy!"
To late hubs... you have create a monster who then spends hours creating herself the perfect planner and then posts it on her tiny blog in hopes that at least one other person will use her hours of work besides herself.   But it's OK!  We watched the entire next season of Sons of Anarchy and a few episodes of House of Cards and I only neglected my children for a little bit.  
The following pages I printed on 8.5 x 11 24 Lb paper and selected borderless when printing.  Not sure about how your printer works.  Play with a few pages before you go to crazy.

To start there is a brief info sheet.
Followed by a two page spread of a month...
...and then all the weekly pages that follow that month.

The monthly and weekly printables are all in order.  You just have to print front and back.
There are in two seperate downloads to keep the file size small.
Like I said... my computer is slow and 7 years old.  
P.S. I printed my January to June before triple checking all the spelling....  Apparently it's the year TwentyFOUteen for me.  LOL  I fixed it for you.

Since I was creating my own planner and had search Pinterest and Etsy like a MAD woman (because all the best people are mad right?) I knew there were a few extra sheets I would like to add.  I will put them in the order that I printed them for my planner.  Most likely you will want to rearrange them for yourself!  Chances are I will before getting it bound!
Special Dates are on 4 seperate pages.  I printed these front to back.  These are so I can remember birthdays and anniversaries or holidays.
Budget Planning - There are 4 sheets in this.  One monthly budget sheet and then 3 expense tracking sheets. We are Dave Ramsey fans in our house.  He has helped us to stay debt free!  I printed one set for each month.
Favorite Recipes - We do family dinners at our house.  Since my hubby works a 24 on 24 off work shift at the fire station we don't get to see him much.  But we are allowed to bring him dinner!  But with piano, karate, birthdays, church activities...  we get busy.  Writing down a list of our favorite recipes is just one of my quick ways to schedule my weeks in the planner.
Meal Planning / Grocery List - Many of the planner printables I found on Etsy had an individual section  just for meal planning.  I created one thinking I would use it, but...  I will use just a Favorite Recipe List and place them right onto my weekly planner pages.  Just easier for me.  But I made the sheet so I had to share.  SOMEONE use it PLEASE! 
Cleaning Checklist - I printed only one of these with a notes sheet on the back.  This is more so I can look at it and know what needs to be or already has been done.
Auto Maintenance - I am horrible at remembering things like this, but since the hubby is gone so much I am the one that keeps track of things like this.  Neither of us are super mechanical so an auto maintenance sheet will be useful (I think...).  It has a notes sheet on the back so you can track anything else I didn't include.
Babysitter Checklist - I loved this idea!  Especially since we make a habit of moving around a ton AND have a 4 year old who seems to love bi-yearly trips to the ER.  I printed 10.  Hopefully we go on that many dates!  We are stay in, drink fancy hot cocoa, grab a Redbox and snuggle type of people.  It's cheap!  Just like me. (But my husband hates it when I say that.  He says I am not cheap I am thrifty.)
Contacts - Um... to write down the names and numbers of people or places.
Password Log - To help me keep track of passwords and kids log ins for school.  
Blog - You never know... with all this planner organization I just might remember to post something besides this planner!
Random Ideas - This is more a of TO DO list.  I have one side for household things (ex:Create new sewing table from Treadle or Reorganize winter hats and gloves.)  The other side is for random things! (ex: Finish quilt for baby shower or clean toys in the church nursery.)
Notes - You may recognize this sheet because it is included with a few others.  I wanted extras of these for random note taking.  Like... when meeting with a teacher or writing down that cute clothing website a friend recommended.

Here is a list of all the printables found on this post!
Print and Enjoy!

Thursday, September 5

Number Journal

  While we homeschooled we started a daily Numbers Journal.  Mostly it was to get some simple math in but partly it was to show them how many ways to play with one number.  But if you don't home school maybe you have a kid who needs some simple help with numbers!  Or perhaps you could use this as a summer refresh?  I dunno, but here it is!
(Side note... just scroll bottom and click where it says CLICK HERE to download the printable.)

First page is a countdown to 100 days.  It was just a simple way for me to see how many days we had actually done school.  Even if they didn't do the whole journaling they wrote down a number for the day.
Next was a temperature chart.  I put 12 into the journal and it s a good thing I did because we ended up doing the journal most of the summer!  It was fun to see the temperature change from Florida to Texas to South Dakota to North Dakota as we traveled and moved toward the end of the school year.  The top of the page has a spot for the month and where they can fill in a color for the high and the low for each day.  
Last was the Number Play Sheet where the kids got to play with numbers a bit. As you can see there is a ton on here.  I ended up making two different versions.  I started by writing numbers on lima beans and placing them in a jar.  Everyday the kids drew out a new number and wrote it in the top box.
They circled even or odd, wrote out the word, put the numbers in place value boxes, wrote it out in tally marks, expanded form (50+6=56), any number sentence (48+8=56), the would find it in coins and the draw the coins in the box.  In the next column they would find 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, 100 less, and then list any number greater or less than.
I printed these double sided.

After a while the greater than, less than part got way to easy.  My son picked 6 for less than and 1,000 for greater than because every number in the jar was between those.
I ended up getting a paper clock from the dollar store.  I would change the time on the clock and they would write the numbers 3:10.  Then I would write a time on our white board and they would draw the time on the clock.  Much more challenging for a little while at least.

Last in the line up was a list of the numbers written out as words.  My kids never used it though.  They would try to sound it out and after a while they just got the hang of it.  But I made it so it's in there!

for the whole package with the greater than, less than.
for the whole package with the clocks.

Tuesday, September 3

Aurora's Animal Adventure

Good Morning Blogland!
Since it's been a while for consistent posts, I have plenty of oldies to share.  Right before we left Florida in April my baby girl was invited to a Birthday Party for a dear friend of hers.  Since we were busy packing and such I asked if we should just buy her something.  Aurora gave me a look of shock and replied, "Mommy, we ALWAYS make presents because then it is special and something no one else has.  It's more awesome that way."  

Duh... what was I thinking.  So I suggested a lap size iSpy Quilt.  I knew we could whip one out fast and Aurora had just finished one for herself a bit ago. I knew she could do most the work without supervision.  

Aurora says:
"No.  I was thinking... like a stuffed animal.  Like... an Elephant!" 
 The mother in me was thinking:
"Seriously...  I am sure that she has enough stuffed animals to create an army."  
The crafter in me was saying:
"Seriously, that sounds like something that requires time, a pattern, and tons of brain power and I will probably be doing most the work."  

Try as I might Aurora was insistent that we make a stuffed elephant.

The instant I saw these I knew I had hit the jackpot.  Something simple, that she could do mostly herself and using unique fabrics would make it one of a kind!

After getting the approval of Miss Aurora she promptly raided my fabric stash.  Guess it needed reorganizing anyway for the move right?

I cut out the pieces thinking she could just follow my orders and make the thing, but she wanted to be more hands on than that.  She had me show her right where to cut.  Soon the sewing turned complicated as she followed my inability to simply follow a pattern and started getting creative.  

"Mommy...  I want the trunk really long."
"Mommy... how about we sew a ling right here and then put stuffing in the ears around the edges."
"Mommy!  I want to put a purple bow around the tail!"
"Mommy.  I want the toenails to be small, so I will LET you sew that part because... I hate sewing circles."


Needless to say I was shocked and amazed at her ability to change a pattern.  What was supposed to be a simple follow-my-instructions-and-this-will-go-sorta-quick turned into go-with-it-girly-you-are-on-a-roll!
Here is a picture of her sewing the top closed.  I thought that I should sew it closed because... hand-stitching a ladder stitch can be tricky.  Since it was on the top I THOUGHT it should look nice.  She about fainted when she saw be start the first two stiches.  LOL  

"Mommy!  Show me how to do it!"
Here is a close up of her ladder stitches.  My lesson has been learned.
And here it is!  With fabric I didn't pick, with mismatching eyes because she wanted it that way, with small toenails, long nose, and fluff in the edges.
And the bow for a tail!
So, the only thing I was allowed to touch was the eyes.  She sewed the black buttons, I hot glued the green and blue middles.  I got to help stuff one of the ears.  I was deemed good enough to sew the toenails on.  LOL

It was very hard for me to let this thing go.  I want her to make me one now! 
Here is what I worked on while Aurora made the awesome elephant.  I put crinkle plastic in the feet.  It was a taggy for a friends baby shower!  Not as awesome as the elephant but... still cool.