Friday, August 31

Math Playground

Welcome to another
Fudge Featured Friday!
Where I show you a site I found and love so much I just GOTTA share with you!

With school back in session many of you may soon be looking for ways to help your kids with dreaded homework.  Or maybe you are just looking for a fun way to support the concepts they learn during the school day!  Maybe you are homeschooling and need a fun but active learning tool to occupy one kid while you help another.


I LOVE this site.  Since I am still sorta kinda hoping to put my kids back into public school when we arrive at our new location, I am constantly looking for ways to homeshool that support the Common Core Standards.

This math site has everything!  
They have activities listed by Common Core Standard for each grade!

Some of my kids favorite games so far include:

Seriously...  This site has been AMAZING for when I need to work with just one kid at a time.  If I absolutely HAVE to find something to critique about it...  I do wish the site was a little easier to navigate for younger kids.  You kind have to pick and choose and hope that the game your kid selected is one he knows enough math concepts to play.  We have been slowly figuring it out, but... again.  I LOVE it!

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