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Gingerbread House Organization and Silly Tips

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Now is the time of cookie baking and treat making!  While my idea is nothing spectacular, I simply wanted to share with you our Gingerbread decorating fun.

Last friday we spent the entire day baking and decorating Christmas cookies for our homeschool lesson.  
My Mother-in-Law makes the most beautiful homemade gingerbread every year for her family.  Well... I am not so amazing, but I like my kids to stick with a tradition that my husband remembers from his childhood.  So... Walmart Gingerbread kits on sale...  Done and in my home!
Tip #1
In attempt to keep clean what ALWAYS becomes an insanely messy kitchen day, I organized my candy as pictured!  Probably not the first to do this, but...  I felt pretty clever.  Some of the candy shown came from the kits, so came from our Christmas Parade candy stash.  I found it helped.
Tip #2
Ahh... the dreaded frosting.  I used the frosting the kits came with to put the houses together, but for the candy I used frosting from a can so it would taste better!  I put clips at the top of the frosting so the kids can roll the clip down as they empty it.
Tip #3
 Let the kids do what they will!  This is more of an art project than anything.  Personally, I think the more candy the better.  Everyone has their own vision.  Kids usually have a better vision than adults where candy and cookies are concerned.  Here is Princess working on her pink masterpiece!
This guy was much more methodical than I thought he would be.  
This little guy insisted on putting the frosting for the candy down himself!  I expected a frosting mess, but no.  He was very careful with his little masterpiece.
Here they are!  

This was a fantastic way to keep the kids busy while I prepared gingerbread men.  They ended up decorating them while I made some chocolate press cookies and then they helped me make some more when they were done!

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