Saturday, August 27

No Sew T Shirt Dress

I have come to notice a trend when my children get hurt.  I seem to end up making them something crafty to help them feel better.  The Cast Cover when my then 1 year old broke his arm.  The Pot 'O Gold I Spy was inspired I dropped my sons eye spy bottle and broke it....  Well, here is one for my Baby Girl.  I made this at the beginning of the summer when she got a MAJOR sunburn.  Like.. fever and blisters and ouchy...   My questions is... Does it make me feel better or them? LOL

Aurora needed another halter dress to wear while I washer her other aloe goop covered one.  I whipped this up while she was chillin in the tub.  My goal was to create a halter dress I didn't have to sew and do it FAST!
I started with the halter dress she was wearing as a make shift pattern.  I then let her pick one of the T-Shirts that was in my upcycle pile.
I folded both in half and laid the rainbow dress on top.  This way I could pick where the back fo the dress would hit.  I wanted it super low so it wouldn't touch her sunburn at all.  I cut straight across where the scissors are laying and then straight up. 
Then I opened up the T-Shirt to the back and laid it flat.  I then cut straight across the back.  JUST THE ONE LAYER!  Don't chop your shirt completely in half sillies!
Then I cut three straight strips up to the shoulder and totally cut out the middle of the back.
Then I snipped out the collar closely along the front.
I braided the strips and tied off the ends.
I cut finger size holes closely along the waist band.
Starting with one side I stuck 2 fingers into one slit.
I reached over to grab the top part of the slit next to it and pull it through the hole and create a loop.
I then stuck 2 fingers in that loop and grabbed the top the the next slip and pulled it through to create another loop.
I did this all along the back.
The last loop I cut in half and pulled the other half back out of the hole.
I then tied the 2 in a knot.
Tada!  See how the finger crocheting along the back gave it a ruffle and a braid!  Fun!
The dress is flowing so it falls softly on her sunburned legs.
The back is super low to stay away from her ouch back.
She was so silly for the photos!
I think it's safe to say the dress made her feel better!  She had also had some meds a few minutes before this..  lol.

Total Cost:  FREE
T-Shirt: FREE!!! (Came from my upcycle pile!)

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  1. awesome! I have lots of tee shirts and have been looking for a way to upcycle them