Monday, March 22

Braided Roll Bun

This was an attempt to do cauldron for a Pot of Gold for St. Patrick's Day. It didn't quite turn out, but it was cute and I didn't have time to play with it!
I started by doing a French Braided Hair Band. You don't have to do this. My little girl has a plethora of fly away hairs so I like to keep them out of her eyes. Then I pulled it all back into a pony tail and looped a ribbon through one piece of elastic. I pulled the ribbon so the elastic was at the middle portion of the elastic.
Divide the pony into 2 sections one each with a part of the ribbon.
And braid the sections into 2 braids using the ribbon as one strand of the braid.
Next, use matching or contrast ribbon and tie the end of the braids together. I then rolled the braids from end to tip around the ribbons so that you have ribbons sticking out the ends of the roll.
When you have rolled it all the way up tie your ribbon into a bow to secure the rolly thing! Presto! A cute braided bun thing!

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