Saturday, August 25

Article of Faith Posters

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As part of our school at home this year I am using the Articles of Faith for copy work.  They copy them down to improve handwriting and... it backs up principles we would like to reenforce in our home.  I have see the Articles of Faith posted on most primary walls.  Thought I would share my posters!  Just click the links below each picture to download the size you would like.
 These are 8 x11.  I wanted mine big!
CLICK HERE to download.
 I figured smaller sizes would be good for someone!
CLICK HERE to download these 4 to a page!
And yet smaller still with 6 to a page! 
These would be good for clipping to a ring for easy memorization on the go!
CLICK HERE to download!


  1. These are perfect for my primary class! Do you happen to have #13 for the smallest cards?

    1. OMG! Where is it! I will fix ASAP! Thanks for noticing that for me!

    2. Hi there.. looking for the 13th for the middle sized and smaller cards please if you have done them. Thanks :)

  2. I can't find article of faith #13. Is it elsewhere on your website. Thanks. :)

  3. Thank you, Thank you for sharing these! I have been looking for something simple to use for my little ones who are learning to read. These area wonderful! Thank you, again!!

  4. These are great! How do I get the 13th?

  5. I'm looking for #13 too. Did you ever publish it? These are sooo cute.

  6. These are great! And thank you for sharing the idea of using these as copy work. I also school at home and love this idea. I am going to make the smaller ones and laminate them. This is great! Also it appears that the A of F #13 is missing from both of the smaller versions. Is there anyway I can get those? Thank you again!!