Sunday, June 6

Primary 6 Lesson 20

Today's lesson was all about keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  To view the lesson online from the church manual click here!  We were encouraged to teach the children to "observe the Sabbath as a day of worship and joy."  We talked about how the Isaerelites recieved manna from heaven and on the day before Sabbath they were to gather extra so they wouldn't have to work on Sunday.

All that I truly am doing differently is I had some mason jars with holes cut in the top for a primary activity. (See that activity online here later!)  I brought out pieces of paper at the end of the lesson and we all listed activities that we thought would be fun for a Sunday.  At the end of the lesson they had a Sunday Activity Jar!  It was fun to have different ideas from all the kids.  I made one for us right along with them.  Our jars were to help us to make good choices on Sunday.  I gave them all extra sheets of paper and encouraged them to us the extra as a family home evening lesson.

The major point that I stressed is that different families have different ideas about what is right.  If they aren't sure if they are doing something to keep the Sabbath holy they should ask their parents.  We also talked about how some people do have to work on Sunday and that doesn't make them bad or wrong.  People all get to make their own choices.  One kids suggested that doing dishes was work so we shouldn't do that on Sunday!  We talked about paper plates or maybe doing dishes as a family while doing a dishes dance and singing a dishes song!  That way it was a game and not work.  (Family Dishes Dances song ended up in our jars.  I think that would be a fun one for throughout the week though!  lol)

I love teaching Primary!  To download my weekly handout with highlights from this lesson and "homework" for the children for next week click here!

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