Monday, April 23

Spring Jelly Roll Skirt

This skirt was so easy to make that...  I am totally about to make her another one!  She is very much a girly girly, although...  she LOVES getting dirty and will pick up lizards before her brothers do.  We had to create rules about how to act in a skirt!  Ha ha ha!

What is a Jelly Roll?  In the quilting world it's the term used for a pack of 40 different strips of fabric, each measuring 2 1/2'' by the width of the fabric.  They are all "rolled" together and tied.  They are fun to use if you like a scrappy looking quilt.  You can use them for binding or...  This Spring Jelly Roll Skirt!
To start I picked out 11 different strips.  They are 4 times longer, but just folded up so it was easier for me to switch around their order.
To start I simply started sewing ALL the strips together!  It shouldn't take you to long.  The pic above they are sewn and the whole thing is folded in half.   When you fold it in half you are going to have some strips that are longer than others.  Square it all up AND cut along your fold so that you have two pieces.  
Next flip one of your pieces different colored strips are touching.  Sew the sides to create a big circle!
The next part was to easy I forgot to take pictures!  I hemmed the bottom.  The I folded over the top about 2 inches and then again about 4 and sewed to create an elastic casing.  Above is it pictured WITH the elastic.
Last I added made a bow out of the pieces I had cut off.  It is really just a loop with a blue scrap square sewn over the middle to keep it looped and in place!
She was so excited!  I tried to get her to wear it a little higher, but... it is her skirt!  So...  she will wear it how she pleases!
She ahs to much fun being my model.
Yep...  she had to wear it to school the next day!

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