Wednesday, January 12

A Little Tax Deduction?

Ok...  So it's after Christmas so I'm allowed to buy crafty things now and I have 2 problems.

  1. It's now very hard for me to do without wondering how I can get around it at home.  I was pretty good about doing this before, but now it borders on the insane.
  2. I went on a crafty shopping spree with some Christmas cash and all I came back with was 6 boxes of Fabric Crayons.  They were on sale for 1.50 each.  I felt a strange guilt and put the rest of the cash in our long term savings pile....

I've decided that since I do still have a good collection of crafty stuff AND we are planning on packing everything up for about 10 months while my husband does EOD school in Florida....  I'm going to continue Project Pickin's until I move!

My one exception this time will be when I get my new sewing machine.  (Back story on this when I recieve it.)  But a fancy new machine merits at least a couple yards of new material right?

Anyways...  Now for the tutorial!  LOL  With my extravagant new purchase of some Crayola Fabric Crayons I wanted to show you something fun and SUPER DUPER easy!  Now... The easiest way to do this is to just color on paper like normal and iron BUT you need to iron it onto a completely synthetic fabric.  I had a hard time finding a polyester white shirt and I didn't look that hard cause I knew I could figure out a way to do it on regular stuff.  The instructions say to color on the fabric if using a non-synthetic fabric to get brighter colors.  Here is how I did that!
 So... I instead printed our on paper what I wanted on my shirt.  The shirt I had at home ended up being 50 % cotton and 50% polyester, so I knew it would stay some.  I slipped the paper inside the shirt.
 I then placed a peice of paper on top and warmed the fabric with with my iron so when I colored the crayon would melt a little.
 Then I held part of the paper in place with my hand and pulled back the top with my fingers so I could color.  See the three pretty letters?  (Thought I rotated the pic... you love me anyways right?)
 I then placed the paper back and warmed another part of the fabric and the previously colored letters at the same time.
 It went MUCH faster than I thought!  So easy.  I then put my next image underneath and repeated the above process.
 See my little tax deduction?  Isn't he cute?  We think so!
 Here is another shirt I did.  I made him a hat in the hospital that said the same thing and we lost it in a week!  We were sad.
Here is a pic of the back.  It says, "From crib to cage..."  My husband does Mixed Martial Arts so he was a big fan of this shirt and thinks I should sell them!  lol  

So... Happy Tax Season!  Use your rebate to make this shirt!  lol

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  1. Those are sooo cute! Way to go. When I read the title, I thought you were announcing you were pregnant. So at first when I looked at the pictures I thought it was a maternity shirt. But it's cuter as a toddler shirt!!