Thursday, January 20

Paper Bag Popcorn

This post is total proof that I am a CHEAPO!!!  lol  Popcorn in a bag isn't that expensive, but I seem to have a hard time shelling out 3.50 for a box of 3.  We just go through them to fast on the weekends!  I have always wanted an air popper, but... I don't want to pay full price and when I see one, it's just not the first thing on my list!  Then I saw a post somewhere around the net about doing this and HAD to try it.  I couldn't find the original post, so I googled.. yes... I am copying a little so I will just say this.

This was not my original idea, but it's so good I had to post it ANYWAYS!

 Technically this is all you will need.  The kernels cost 1.50 per bag.   Now.. if you are a normal person you will add GOOBS of butter later, but we will get to that... LATER!
 All you need is 1/4 Cup of Kernels.  Pour them into the bag and nuke for about 1.30.  I keep mine in for 1.20 and stop it...
Right before you pour it in the bowl put 1 1/2 Tbls butter in a nuke safe bowl.  Use those extra 10 seconds while you pour the popcorn!  Drizzle the butter on top and shake some salt to taste.   

Not only is this MUCH cheaper, but the entire bowl was gone before I could get the next bag out 2 minutes later!  My family is in love!  Plus... it is better for you!  This recipe contains nearly NO oil!  I also reuse the bag until we are done making popcorn for the night.  I can't tell you the exact cost per bag cause... we haven't used the whole bag yet.  But  STINKIN' CHEAP is a good guess!

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