Tuesday, November 29

Wally the Worshipping Walrus

Yeah!  After a seemingly long siesta from blogging I am back!  We love our new ward and... big shocker... I was called to be a Primary teacher!  I wasn't surprised.  When I went to drop Tyton off at his class one of the counselors was teaching because they hadn't been able to call a primary teacher!  So I was like, "Umm...  you have enough to do!  I love teaching primary.  Just give me your book!"  Bam... next week I was called to be a primary teacher!

I am super excited to teach the CTR 4 class here in the Niceville Ward.  So excited I created my first printable!  This past weeks lesson was #40 in the Primary Manual on Worshipping at Church.  I did the lesson as usual, but there was no real fun coloring page for the class so I decided to create one!  Meet Worshipping Wally!  He is a walrus who is always hungry for those things that bring him closer to Christ.  Some of the fish that he eats are ones we talked about in class and others we left blank and the kids though of on their own.  They had so much fun cutting him out!  It gave me ample opportunity to review the lesson while cutting out the mouths and taping the sides for the kids!
To download Wally CLICK HERE.
To create him you simple fold under the picture and tape the sides.  Then cut out the mouth so you can slip the fishies in!
To download the Fish CLICK HERE.
You will only need half this sheet for each Wally Printed.  

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