Monday, June 11

Faux Tie Dye Mickey T-shirt

This has got to be one of the simplest shirts I did for our trip to Disney World.  It was a blessing because I had planned to create our shirts in the 2 weeks leading up to our trip.  Then we had to move our trip up and I had 5 days to make shirts and change reservations around!  Rgg!

I found the idea somewhere else, but I seriously can't find the link anywhere!  
They did theirs by rubber banding the shirt around a cup for each circle, but...  I found that took to long and was unnecessary!   I simply traced around 3 bowls for my mickey head.  Then I went back over it one dot at a time, pressing firmly, but not to hard.  The idea for me was to make the ink soak into the back side of the shirt too.  I did make sure I had newspaper behind the shirt.
Then I filled this tiny sprayer with Alcohol!  Any sprayer will work.  This is just my tiny portable multi purupose one.
Then I got to spraying the shirt!  The alcohol makes the marker spread creating a super easy and much less mess Faux Tie Dye!  It's so easy!  You could really do any design.  AND your kids could do this on their own two!  Imagine this with tons of colors!
 I think this is actually the back of this shirt which I did end up spraying separate, because the alcohol dries kinda quick.
The more Alcohol the more the color spreads.  After this just iron to set the color and... make sure you wash separate the first time.  


  1. Great Idea! Super Cute Picture!

  2. LOVE this idea, they turned out super cute! How did they hold up after washing a few times? Did you prewash the tees?