Friday, June 8

Summer Bingo Printable

So for most of you school has been our for your kiddos about... 2 weeks?  Am I right?  I know some moms dread this time.  The bored moans of, "I am bored.  What is there to do around here?"  Begin to surface soon.  Me?  I LOVE having my kids home.  Call me crazy.  I just think they are fun to have around!  But...  Since they HAVE been in school for several month and HAVEN'T been home for me to keep up the art of entertainment habit I decided to not risk those haunting words.

I noticed several summer lists around Pinterest.  If you follow me there, you will notice I pinned every summer thing I loved and stuck it in a Summer Savers board.  But THIS cute summer bingo was to me the best idea!  I like charts, but what a fun spin!  My only problem with hers was...  I am cheap!  I didn't want to spend the 2 bucks to go to office depot and blow it up to a respectable size.  Her white border was a little big to keep it at 8.5 x 11.  So I made my own!
First you will need to download The Summer Bingo Board here!
Then if you don't want to come up with thing to do on your own download The Summer Bingo Dots!
There are plenty of blank circles at the end.
My first step was to laminate everything to last.  You don't have to do that cause... you can just keep coming back here to print it out!  But...  I have a laminating habit.
Then I made little tape circles and let the kids plop them on each spot on the bingo board.
It did take forever to cut out all the circles.  Perhaps we came up with to many summer ideas?  When they were cut out I let the kids take turns picking spots at random out of a bag and placing them on the board.
See!  All done.  The idea is that when you remove a dot you begin to see the word summer appear!
Our plan is to pick a silly toy from the dollar store for every row we finish and buy a new movie when the whole board is done!  This is a treat for us because...  Mommy never buys toys or movies.  That is grandma job!  LOL
We are gunna have fun!

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