Thursday, June 7

Shopping ABC Scavenger Hunt

With the return of my sweet/crazy kiddos for summer (insert happy dance of excitement here....) I have realized that I am NOT use to grocery shopping with 3 children!  I have heard people complain.  I use to take all of the with me with no troubles, but...  apparently I have lost my touch and become shopping spoiled during this school year.  Or maybe it's just that my older two got big enough to know what they want and our cart gets filled MUCH quicker with things NOT on my list?

Either way I have devised a way to manage again!
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We LOVE to play games.  We asked each other math questions in the car, we play ISpy, we play 20 questions... So while looking for printable ABC cards on Pinterest for my 2 year old (he has a new alphabet obcession.  Really he sleeps with block letters under his pillow sometimes...) anyway.  I came across THESE from Mr. Printables!  Gotta say.  I have become slightly addicted with going through this site!
I printed mine out, laminated them (thank you for the machine my AWESOME MiL), and punched a hole for a ring!
I gave one set to each older kid, along with a dry erase marker.  The idea is to play ABC scavenger hunt throughout whatever store we are in!  We have played this in the car.  But this is a FANTASTIC way to get them reading and writing everyday words. 
It worked like a CHARM!  They had so much fun that we ended up staying in the store longer to look for letters they hadn't found!  These pics of them are actually from this morning!  They saw where I put them away and asked if they could just write words they were thinking of!  How could I say no?
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I didn't want Grifin to be left out so I printed these Color Alphabet Cards for him to flip through in the store.  Just my simple way of helping them continue learning through the summer break!

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  1. Just looked at your blog for a second. You are going to be amazing at homeschooling. Thanks for the link to MrPrintables! I am a new fan:)