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Free Planner Printable - Man Style

Ever since I have met my husband he has carried around a planner.  Through college and marriage, through moves, military and babies... everything was is in that planner!    But... it isn't always the same planner...  The planner has been misplaced a few times and even more than that, it has been a PAIN to buy the same planner pages to fit in several different states or through the almost 10 years we have been married!
So this year at Father's Day I decided to MAKE him a new planner!  Yup.  I am awesome!  Although...  this was a Father's Day Gift and I am just now posting it...  Ehh!  

I am sharing all the pages with you to download!  Yeah me!
Now load up the paper (I used the heaviest weight paper I could find at Wal-Mart that wasn't card-stock.), check that you have full ink, and print away!
Oh... it does help to have a laminator, but that is NOT completely necessary.  I just love mine so I am gunna use it by darn.  So lets get started by showing you how I set mine up.
First up!  The cover!  I just used some cardstock I had and laminated it... twice so it was nice and tough.  I have seen people cut up an old spiral notebook.  That would work too!  And yes you see two there!  I ended up making one for me!  I made different planner pages though... more girly!  In a few days you could you could CLICK HERE to see the post for those pages.
After the cover I put in pockets!  I folded up a piece of 12x12 cardstock, then...
Folded the paper again so the fold was outside.
The I trimmed it to size and laminated it for stability.  (Again... not completely nessecary, but I can so I did!)
Then there is a page for personal info...  if you like to put it!
Name and number pages.  I put a couple for him cause... he seems to write them down more than just put them into his silly phone!
Lists for holidays and birthdays!  I thought about making a printable for the holidays, but...  everyone celebrates different things and I wanted to be able to use this for ANY year.  So...  after you make your planner google a list of holidays and write them here!
Next reminders and then the tiny calendars.  Of course... this will be outdated eventually , but then... just don't print this if you are finding it in the year 2078.  Duh.  
Then the big calendars.  I made the number parts blank so you can fill them in.
After each month are the appropriate amount of weekly pages.  Also blank so that you can fill it in!
I printed notes on the the back of tons of stuff.  All the monthly calendars have this on the back.  And yep...  I made dividers!
My hubby keeps track of our investments on a little piece of paper in his planner.  I made them their own section!
Pocket in the back.
Oh look at those cute little tabs!
Then I used this stuff to...
...attach some elastic to the back cover so it would close!

Simple enough right?
Are you ready to download and print?  Good!
COVER (Print one on cardstock)
NOTE PAGES - Print one on the flip side of the information pages.
(Keep the note download open cause... it gets printed again.)
PHONE NUMBER PAGES - Print these front and back, however many you think you might need!
DATE PAGES - Print one!
DATE PAGES 2 - Print on the flip side of Date pages 1.
MINI CALENDAR PAGES - This is one file that gets printed front and back 
so watch you printer and flip the paper when necessary.
MONTHLY CALENDAR PAGES - Print one of this with the NOTE PAGES from above printed on the back.
WEEKLY PAGES - Print 6 with WEEKLY PAGES on the front and back side.  Then 6 with WEEKLY PAGES on the front and NOTE PAGES on the back.
INVESTMENT PAGES - Print front and back however many you might want!
DIVIDERS - Print however many of these you think you might need.
I printed 13 on card-stock, one for each month and another for the Investment Log. 
This is a picture of the divider file.
You will cut along the dotted line until you reach the desired rectangle that you would like to be a tab.  
Cut around 3 sides of said rectangle and the either continue cutting along the dotted line OR
fold the paper on the remaining dotted line for added stability.  Then trim!

Now all you need to do is trim your pages in half and place them in the order you would like.  I got mine bound at Staples for 5 bucks!  I like that it lays flat with the spiral binding.  I wish I HAD a spiral binding machine!

Please feel free to comment with any questions and I will try to get to them.  I know that maybe it seems like a ton of work... and it is,  but it is so nifty when done!  There are a ton of other planner printables out there, but I just had to add mine to the mix!

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  1. Wow, you are an amazing wife!!! That is pretty awesome!