Saturday, July 14

Rocket Cake Tutorial

My baby boy turned 6 in June!  Isn't he mean!  Or...  am I a mean mommy for going on vacation and not giving him a birthday party with all his friends?  I suppose he can't complain.  We WERE at Grandma and Papa's House!  They get spoiled rotten.  We ended up going to Lego Land AND seeing Madagascar 3 for his birthday!  So...  I am NOT a mean mommy for not throwing a party right?  RIGHT!  I am glad you agree with me!

His actual birthday was on a Sunday so we choose to observe the Sabbath and stay home and do the fun stuff on Monday (for which 2 of the 3 kids were sick so... we ended up waiting until Thursday!  LOL)  Anyways, I made him a fun cake to make up for lack of birthday partyness.  He had asked for an astronaut party so a Rocket-ship Cake was in order.  Tyton is NOT a complainer.  To him the party IS the cake, so he was in heaven!
I started with is favorite Fun-Fetti cake.  I simply baked it in a 9x13 pan, let it cooke and dumped in onto a foiled cookie sheet to decorate.
For some reason I didn't get a picture before the cuts, but.. you can kinda tell here what I did right?
I tapered the top two corner off and rotated them to the bottom sides to make the cake flair out like a rocket.  I then used some leftover chunks to make the rocket shooter outer parts at the bottom.
(Note my extremely technical terms there.)
After this I dirty iced the whole cake.  I used smaller blobs as glue to stick the pieces together and then covered the cake with white frosting.
Here I will happily admit to just using the squirty can of frosting for the red and blue decor!  Minus the letters in the name touching each other, which supremely bugged me for some reason, I think it turned out perfect!
I purchsed some twirl candles to stick out of the rocket booster bottom thingys.
And LIT THEM UP!  Looks awesome right!  You should have seen it in person!
See...  Perfectly happy 6 year old.  Even though... he is grounded for growing up!  I love my future astronaut!

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  1. I don't like doing birthday parties for my kids! I suppose that makes me mean too, but I can totally live with it!