Saturday, March 30

Fabric Scripture Cover and Nerf Bandoleer

Hello to all my fabulous readers!  Today I though I would share with you two projects I worked on a little bit ago.  And by a little bit ago I mean... over the Christmas break.  Both were made with scraps from my momma's stash.  Gotta love the stash, especially my momma's!
First up is a scripture case for my daughter.  She had just turned 8 and got baptized while we visited my parents over Christmas break.   It was nice to have family around.  As tradition, in my family and many others, we purchased her very first set of nice scriptures.  It is a Quadruple Combination with the King James version of the Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.  She was so excited!  Along with this I decided to make her a very special scripture case so she could show them off even more.  I didn't have a pattern.  I just kinda went for it but I think it turned out super cute!  She gets lots of comments on them!  I am so proud of her choice to get baptized and to be such an example to her little brothers.

My parents got my three year old nerf crossbow for christmas.  The packaging says "For 12 years and up" so naturally we let him practice when ever he wants.  We did learn early on that he should aim from a few feet away cause... this baby smarts when he sneaks up behind you!  LOL
Of course with such a fun toy comes a storm of hidden nerf darts behind the couch, under chairs, in the dogs fur, I found one in the fridge?  Anyways, there is also the added frustration that a 3 year old is expected to run back to his ammo stash on the couch every time he wants to unload!  How horrible!
I made this simple Nerf Bandoleer by measuring around his shoulder and hip at an angle.  Then I folded over long strip of fabric and sewed it shut.  The "bullet" holders I made using a super long piece of stripped fabric!  The strips made it easy to measure how far apart I needed to sew the little bumps the nerf darts went into.  
You know... I should do an actual tutorial on this!  Give me a bit.  The move to NORTH DAKOTA is making a few things difficult.  Sewing is one of them!

Anyways.  Thought I would share!

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