Sunday, June 1

Loki Quilt

Hello!  Sorry about the months between posts.  Obviously I am NOT the best blogger.  But... I still like to share MY stuff in my corner of the world so....

Here are pics if a Loki Quilt I designed for my neighbor.  Her mom threw her a suprise 16th birthday party.  She really is an amazing young lady and (right up my alley) is obsessed with all things nerd!  Doctor Who, Thor...  You name it.  When she has watched my kids I have heard her, with flaming passion, speak of Loki and Tom Hiddleston with girlish glee.  When invited to her party this quilt idea imidiatly popped into my head!

I was rushing to finish and didn't get pictures of how to make it but it was pretty simple in general.   The helmet side is dark green flannel with gold flannel for the helmet.  I ironed Heat N Bond to the gold and traced a helmet design on the paper.  I then ironed the helmet shape into the green and sewed away!

One thing new for me this time was free motion quilting with an actual free motion spring loaded foot.  My mom came to visit and insisted I needed one.  Gotta say...  Much easier to free motion quilt with it!  I drew my pattern into the helmet with disappearing ink and then stitched it.  The rest of the quit is simply meandered all over!  This is the largest quilt I have ever free motioned...  Gotta say.  I am a little hooked!
The back is all one peice of cotton fabric with comics all over.   Pretty simple since I wanted the helmet to be the focus.
I also got to use my textile stamp to label her quilt!  I love it!

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