Friday, May 29

Freezer Inventory

I recently have gotten into making freezer meals.  I put several together on a Saturday and then I have several healthy meals ready to just put in the crock pot or oven when its dinner time.  It has helped to speed up dinner.    But...  I thought I probably need to list what I have and what I use so that I will be more efficient every time!

I usually make about 4-8 of each meal.  They are good for about 3 months.  I figured this will help me keep track of what ends up being used more and what needs to get used soon!  If I make 8  I will cross of 9 and 10 so only 8 is showing.  Then when I use a meal I will cross of 8....  You get the picture.

While I created this for my freezer meals it could work to inventory your whole freezer.  Personally....  I would have hopes of doing that buy... realistically...  Yeah, not gunna happen.  LOL

I created this to match the 2015 Printable Planner.  You can put it in with that or magnet it to the front of your freezer!  What every you choose!  Scroll down to get the printable.

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