Friday, December 11

Simple Christmas Tree Garland

Our tree has a new Harry Potter theme this year.  I found a copy of Deathly Hallows at a thrift store for free that had cover that was pretty trashed.  I grabbed it to use the chapter pictures in some tiny frames we got to hang on the tree, but I didn't want to waste the rest of the book!

And this simple Christmas Tree Garland was born!

This garland would be simple and easy for any occasion, you just need the right color paper to match whatever theme you need.

To start I used a 1 inch paper punch to cut out a TON of circles from the scrap book paper.  I ended up having my daughter do this to save time!
And my sewing machine is in the shop, right before Christmas... that's a HUGE pain.  So, I used my daughter's sewing machine to create this. That just goes to show you don't need a fancy machine to create this as it only takes a simple straight stitch!
The only thing I recommend checking before you start is your stitch length.  Normally I sew with my stitch length around 2, but since you are sewing paper I would set this closer to a 3.  You don't want to many holes in the paper and have them tear in half as you sew!
Then I just lined up my circles and sewed them together in a row!  Not much to explain here..  I didn't even back stitch the first circle... Just sew away.
When one circles end gets close to the needle, slide the next circle under your foot!  This part helps to have a 6 year old handing you circles one by one...  IF anyone needs a technical cheat.  LOL
The row adds up faster than you would think!  Even with 1 inch circles I was amazed at how fast this went.
Another extremely secret helpful hint I shall reveal to you...
Use a fancy toilet paper roll to wrap your garland around as you sew.  That way they don't all get tangled and it is a little easier to drape around your tree when it comes time to decorate!
Garland should always go on the tree first right?  My 6 year old had to much fun helping make this so we had to put it on right away.  Here is a close up!
Looks pretty good in my opinion!  I am not to picky about exact ornament placement.  My garland draping probably will bother many people considering an 11 and a 6 year old did it.  I just stood back and said, "A little higher...  not so tight..."  Christmas spirit right?  Can't wait to put more ornaments on!  Funny... the rest of the house was decorated the day after Thanksgiving.  We wait a little for the tree because we like a fresh tree.  I just realized how close Christmas is!  We had better hurry!

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