Tuesday, February 16

Candy Cane Heart Sucker

Ok... I know that it's past lovely heart day, but I'm way too excited about this blog to NOT post something NOW! So... our first official scoop at the Cafe is something sweet!

This post is thanks to a friend who noticed my two boxes of mini candy canes left over from Christmas. I know I always seem to buy too many! So... I was given slight directions on how to make suckers with them!

What you will need: mini candy canes, cookie sheet, sucker sticks, wax paper, and an oven! (*I used kabob sticks and cut them cause I'm cheap and didn't want to go out and buy sucker sticks!)


1. Preheat oven to 290-305 degrees

2. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and open you candy canes. (duh to the second part right ;)

3. Place two canes together in a heart shape! (Make sure to leave room for the sticks!)

4. Place in heated oven and bake until slightly melted. (I've been told 5 min on 290, but I needed 7 min on 305! My advice... place a timer on 5 minutes and if they look good... take em out!

5. When they are done place you sucker stick on the point and pinch together the hot candy! (Please be careful. Burnt fingers are ouchy!)

6. They don't take very long to cool and they are yummy!!! (Unless you don't like cane canes, and then you are just plain weird!)

Be Creative! Try crushing and filling your hearts with leftover large canes for a new look, or make rounds suckers out of the fruity canes!

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