Tuesday, January 12

Primary Secretary Helpers

I recently got called at church to be the Secretary in the Primary Presidency.    At the church I attend we are not paid to teach or help we are asked and called.  The Primary Presidency is responsible for making sure that all the children ages 18 months to 11 years old have a teacher and that that the teachers are taken care of.  We are also responsible for those who teach Cub Scouts and Activity Days (the younger girly version of a Wednesday youth activity for girls 8-11).  On Sunday we teach a lesson to half the kids (Junior Primary) during the second hour of church and the other half (Senior Primary) during the 3rd hour of church.    Have I confused you yet?

Anyways, as Secretary I am responsible for taking roll, getting the numbers to leadership at the quarter and making the assignments for talk, prayer, and scripture for the kids.  Those are my major things anyways.  There are a few little ones as well.

To make my job a little easier I made a chart where I can write down what child did what on what Sunday.  This way the weekly assignments are a little more spread out, I have an easy access to see what parents to call and remind that week, and an easy way to see how long it's been since a child had a turn speaking.

CLICK HERE to download
the Dated Assignment File

I also created a very simple substitute sign up list.  This will help me create a list of other people at church who don't mind subbing if one of our teachers can't make it that day.  We encourage our teachers to ask parents of kids in their class first, but sometimes that doesn't work out!  I will probably have to update my list a lot as we have several military in our area who move.
CLICK HERE to download 
the substitute list.

We really appreciate when people volunteer, especially since many times it's last minute RIGHT before class starts.  As a thank you the secretary before me create some cute gifts for those who help. I updated it a little and changed the words.  This is nice because your could pair it with Andes Mints, regular mints, mint patties, or Junior Mints!  I haven't actually made any because there are a TON in the closet.  But here is the printable I created!
CLICK HERE to download
the sub thank yous.

There are a few helpers.  Hopefully I can help out at least one other secretary with these!  I know that usually people like to start this stuff at the beginning of the new year.  Hopefully I am not to late to help another!


  1. I would have loved one for this year. Appreciate the printables you create :)

  2. Here is the one for this year right here! http://sherbertcafe.blogspot.com/2017/01/primary-secretary-assignment-sheet.html My file uploader has been a pain in the potato. :( I have been so worried about the planner I didn't even think about this! Now to figure out how to get the planner to load!