Friday, February 19

Chair Covers

We recently were blessed with a new church building and I decided that meant new chair covers!

1. Purchased about 5 yrds each of Red, Yellow, and Blue fabric (the Primary colors.) Also about 3 yrds of the cheapo muslin.

2. Created my design on the computer and printed onto plain ol' printer paper.

3. Cut my muslin into 9 by 12 inch pieces and traced the pattern from the paper onto them!

4. Colored them with Crayola Crayons. Next heat up your iron, place wax paper over the crayon drawing and carefully iron the image. This will seal the wax crayon into the fabric.

5. Cut my colored fabrics into 8 inch strips and sew sew sewed them into Red/yellow/blue panels!

6. Figure our how far down you want your covers to go on the back of the chairs, double that measurement and add 2 inches for a hem. The cut your panels to this length. BUT WAIT!

7. First you will want to sew on your muslin pocket! I recommend find the center of your panel and putting the pocket 2-3 inches down... of course this will depend on how long you want your covers!

8. Finally place the right sides of your fabric together, making sure you colors are touching themselves. Sew up the sides and hem the bottom!

Yes... I did get fancy and round my corners, but don't worry... even if you don't do this people will think they are amazing! I LOVE the pocket. This way your secretary doesn't have to run around the church handing out rolls or teacher gifts!

To download the images I used for the pockets click here!
To download the images for the Prayer, Scripture and Talk click here!
*Please note that the images I used were from
* When tracing I didn't trace the face of the sun, the lines of the man behind the Valiant letters and I put the numbers behind the CTR shield.

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