Tuesday, March 9

40 Days Through the Book of Mormon

This months Visiting Teaching message is entitled, "Strengthening Faith in God the Father and Jesus Christ through Personal Scripture Study." It made me think of a small photo book that I was given a couple years ago by our Relief Society Presidency. I searched everywhere for one, but I couldn't find anything like it to simply print off. I did find this from lds-yw.com! The file was even called "40 Days Closer to Christ." How fitting! So I decided to create my own little album for the sisters I visit teach!

Pretty much just print of the file I created. I included excerpts from the message in the Ensign. And make sure to place the Weeks messages at the right spot. I figured out there was more room in the book at the end and it was a pain in the patootie to scoot everything down. I also typed my testimony into the file, but I did remove it so your could add your own! After printing I placed each days schedule on a 4x6 piece of cardstock. (I just purchased a pack that was precut and on sale at Micheal's.) I then slipped them all into the cheapest photo books I could find!

I truely enjoy going through this little book. Even if it's just for the quote or scripture for the day, it's a good Book of Mormon study guide.

To download click here!

Ok... call me a perfectionist, but I created another file. This one has more than 1 days schedule on it. And the pages are true 4x6. Technicaly all you need to do for this one is print, cut around the edges (NOT up the middle), fold each page in half, then slip it into your photo holder! Easy cheesy and no need to search for a photo holder that will hold 60 like I did!

To download click here!

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