Thursday, March 4

Knotty Headband with Bun

Ok.. I made her a new headband, but they NEVER stay on her head! The point of this "do" was to keep the cute headband from falling of her melon!
I started by dividing the front part of her head into triangle sections and knotting them near the point. Make sure to place an elastic after the knot and pull tight!
Next I put her hair into a ponytail. I actually think that it looks cute just like this! If you want you could add a bow or wrap an extra piece of hair around the elastic. I placed the headband on at this step so I wouldn't ruin her cute bun coming up! I love that the cute knots keep the band in place!
Last I divided the ponytail in two parts and knotted them! I decided to leave a loopy of hair when leaving the elastic to give it more character!
Funny.. she sits so still for the do, but not so much for the pictures! And yes... she is kissing the wall. Her idea! She is so silly!
*I also wanted to note that I have knotted her hair before, but the idea for placing an elastic after the knot came from! She is sooo smart! I always used a bobby pin or wishful thinking before. Now I just feel silly! Wait... now I know where my daughter gets it!

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