Wednesday, March 24

Paper People

I'm a total cheap-o and my creative side kinda helps with that.... sometimes! Anyways, when I had my 3rd baby my mommy came to visit. She brought the usual swarm of gifts for the other kiddos. One of the gifts she gave my daughter was a paper doll set to play with during church. Of course... even though it's girly... my 3 year old son wanted to play with it too!
When thinking of gifts to be from the Easter Bunny paper dolls were totally on my list. Not only are the cheap but they are too easy! The hardest part is cutting them out right? (Hopefully, I can enlist MrSherbert for help there.) All I needed to do was find some paper dolls I liked! I was searching for things a brother and sister could play with together. AND... in hopes to dumb down the girly factor I will be calling the Paper People now!

Ahh... the wonders of google! Where would we be with out it? Below is a list of PEOPLE I liked. Some I just thought were neat. Some will need to be colored. Some are colored for you. Some you can color online and then print! Oh la la! - Nope, not a bear, but a site where you can download the dolls or color them online! MANY, MANY, MANY to choose from here.
Fancy Animals - Not really dress up, but they looked neat!
Severus Snape - This site says that Remus, Sirius, Harry, Ron and Hermione are coming soon, but since it was created in 2007... I doubt it! :( Sad!
Super Boy - 1 colored and another 2 color-yourself!
Super Girl- 1 colored and another 2 color-yourself!

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