Wednesday, March 24

Personal Revelation Flowers

Here is my Visiting Teaching Handout for April 2010! This month it's on personal revelation. I decided to do something Spring-like! Everyone loves flowers right? So why not give some to the friends you visit teach?

First review the lesson put out by the church this month. (Click here.)

You will need this stuff for each set: 2 pencils, 2 thumb tacks, 1 piece of paper, green pipe cleaner (or ribbon)!
First you are going to need some cute paper for the petals. I used 12 x 12 that I cut to 8.5 on one side so it would fit into the printer. I didn't cut an inch off the other so that one flower would be slightly bigger! (Plus I was being lazy.) All I did for this month was type up some word strips. Which can be downloaded here or at the end of this post! Add your names to one of the petals so that you don't have to create a tag. (Or don't and then make a leave tag... rggg... why didn't I think of that sooner?) Print them onto the cute paper!
Cut the papers in "Almost" half! Ha ha... Pretty much just cut 1/2 inch in front of the 2nd column of words.
Next, cut your words strips.... duh!

You will be making 2 flowers. You can mix up the papers or make your papers match! Whatever! I was gunna make mine match, but I cut them all at the same time to save time and didn't want to have to pick through them. See how mistakes can pay off sometimes!
Anyways... Grab your thumb tack and then fold (but DON'T press flat!) each of the strips, sticking the ends of them onto the pointy part of the thumb tack!

*Note- Be sure when you are layering your "petals" that the words are facing the right way when pressing them onto the tack!

Now push the thumb tack with petals into the eraser end of your pencil and.... Presto!!!!

You have the top of your flower! I tied mine together with a green pipe cleaner to make leaves, but I like the idea of making a "Leaf" tag. ;(


To download the word strips I created click here!

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