Friday, March 12

Ribbon Flowers

Ok... Sherbertbear surprised me with a visit last weekend and we made some korkers! But in addition she showed me how to make these! She is amazing! Since she is in the process of vaca and moving I took the liberty of busting out mega gobs of ribbon and my camera to create a tutorial! I'm sure her flowers would have looked better..... ;)
First find some satin ribbons that you would be willing to cut! I cut mine into about 4 inch sections. 2 of the pink and 5 of the brown. I did make the pink a little longer since I knew it was going to be at the back.
I then lined them all up so pretty for the picture. Notice that they are going from big to small... really you can make them all the same size, BUT I'm weird and apparently can't cut things all the same size. Luckily with this type of flower it doesn't matter. It will look great either way!

OK... SherbertBear suggested using a birthday candle, but a yummy smelling votive is what I had! I'm sure I planned it this way in an attempt to make the house smell good instead of melted satin! I cool like that. Anyways.... Burn the edges of your pieces first. (Pic below) Fast seems to go better as you get less burns spots that way! The ribbon will naturally shrivel the way you want. If you would like more curl to them simply hold one end and place the whole ribbon a little over the flames. It curls fast this way so move it when you need to quick!

I would also like to note that when SherbertBear was showing me how to do this I was trying way to hard to be perfect. Just go for it... they turn out cuter!

Tack find something cute to spice up the middle, or leave it plane. I happened to have a short piece of ribbon left over from the korker bows that matched. Tack them all together with a brad! I also put tiny dots of hot glue between the different layers just to help it stay together. After this you can attach the flower to whatever kind of clip you like! SherbertBear likes Alligators... I like the full out clips that pop open when you push the sides.... not sure of the technical name... Hmmm.... I shall call them Side Pushy Clippies.
So easy right! Email me your pictures at!

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