Friday, February 11

Easy Heart Yo-Yo Pattern

I decided that a more Valentiney craft was over due here at the Cafe.

I have seen those neat Yo-Yo makers at the fabric store.  I decided a paper pattern for a heart Yo-Yo couldn't be to difficult right?  WRONG!  I tried several different shaped hearts and none of them came out flat enough or heart shaped enough.  Apparently there is just the right shaped heart to make these!  LOL  You can imagine my frustration when AFTER creating my pattern I ended up stumbling upon one on the internet!  Rgg..

Penny Sanford Designs has a free pattern at her site also.  I was glad to find she has different instructions.  Call me lazy, but I just don't like rethreading my needle if I can find my way around it.  Which I had!  lol   I can see why she would do it this way.  Maybe the fancy Yo-Yo maker does it this way too.  Sorry... I still not gunna do it!  If you mess with the folds a tiny bit more when you are done it turns out the same if you ask me!

I tried my pattern with her instructions... same.  I tried her pattern with mine... same.  I just think that my way is easier!  Her heart does turn out slightly different with her pattern, but I don't think the instructions change them in looks at ALL!

Since I worked so hard you will need to download my pattern by CLICKING HERE!
The small ends up being just under 2 inches when finished.
The medium is just under 3 inches.
The large is just under 4 inches!
 Thread a needle and knot your thread a the end.  Start at one side of the heart's "pit"?  LOL  Make sure you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric and fold over the edge just a bit.  Then weave your needle back and forth to hold the hem.
 Work your way around the heart to hold the hem.
 I like to pull my folds tight as I go.  It makes it easier than hemming all the way around and then pulling tight.  Here is a picture of those first few stitches bunched up.
 Go all the way to the heart's point and the fold the fabric going up the other side and continue hemming around the other side, going back up to the heart "pit". 
This is what it will look like when you are done hemming and pulling everything tight.  Kinda weird right?
Trying to keep the thread tight, work the folds out until the heart shape lays flat!  Notice that you now don't really have a heart "pit".  Sad.  Just when we were beginning to love my new term.  Well... I guess we should give you one!
Since this whole time you have been holding your thread nice and tight... go to the fabric where the heart "pit" should be and weave your needle up and down a couple times.
Then tack it to the top part of that circle the folds have created and knot it!   Now trim that thread and add a jewel with some hot glue!  Or.... don't knot it and add a button... THEN knot it and trim your thread!
Here is a pic of all three sizes of my patterns.  The smallest is just barely big enough to go over a small alligator clip.  

Click here later to see an activity I did using these!

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