Thursday, March 11

Rainbow Ribbons

First get some rainbow colored ribbons ready! Mine were about 24 inches, but this will depend. Also... I did use the cheap ribbon that is about .47 per roll... I DON NOT recommend using the kind that has the cute loops on the sides. The caught in her hair and made it difficult!
Start by slicking back her hair and putting a half pony on the side!
Then thread the ribbon through on piece of the elastic. ( I don't tie it around cause it always seems to fall out of my little girls hair!)
Tie those into a tiny bow, leaving one streamer side REALLY long! The thread that through a plastic needle. I started with purple and worked backwards on ROY G BIV
Carefully weave the ribbon through her hair. Note: You don't have to try really hard to keep the spaces to even between the weaving. It's going to look amazing when you are done!
See! I told you! The ribbons stayed fine throughout the day just leaving the ends
loose. I even let her
sleep in it, just to see
how it would hold. Frizzy, but still stayed! I cause her hair is fairly fine and everything seems to fall out!

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