Saturday, March 6

Spider Cupcakes

These are some cute cupcakes I made for a cake walk. For obvious reasons they were a big hit!
Legs: Black Licorice (String preferred. I used regular and then only did 6 legs. Face it.. they look cool anyways!
Eyes: Chocolate eyeball candy
Fangs: Halloween Candy Corns
Body: Chocolate Frosting
Inside(aka Blood by my kids!): Red Velvet Cake mix

- Push the legs into the cooled and frosted cupcakes first.
- Use a little frosting to help the eyes stick together!
- The fangs don't need to hang down... they look just fine sticking straight off the front, plus they stay on better!
- Try not to be scared when you eat them! They are NOT real spiders! lol


  1. Cute idea! I think I'll make these with my daughter for Halloween. Thanks!


  2. how fun are these!!!!

    i was just looking at black licorice today. thinking of what i could make with it.
    darling idea!

    thanks for linking up with the FALL FESTIVAL! hope to see you next week as well!


  3. Sooo cute!! I gotta keep a copy of your pic if it is ok with ya.

    my sons would love for me to make these during 1 of our Lord of the Rings Trilogy viewings. lol