Friday, April 2

Michael's Make & Take

Do you ever feel like you are the last to know about things! Well... you can no longer say we didn't tell you so! lol

I am an avid Michael's shopper and I have passed the giant poster board signs talking about The Knack and the classes they are offering. Well... the giantness finally caught this blondes attention!
Pretty much every other Saturday from around 10 to 1 they host a FREE Make N Take craft for the kiddos. For Mother's Day they are having a whole week of free crafting! Depending on the craft you might want to show up early! (At least... that's what they told me.) We showed up to make some cute Easter Presto Dot thingys and her the lady is handing me a form for an emergency number? Boy was I confused! Well... the deal is they watch the kids and make a craft with them while you shop! Wow... can you say pocketbook danger zone? Ha ha... Well... I was able to resist the urge to shop alone so that I could watch them craft and take pictures. I LOVE craft that I may be able to do with my kiddos! I love FREE crafts even more!

Anyway... Just wanted to say, "It's this cool!" Click here to see their schedule! Click here for new printables!

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