Saturday, April 3

Conference Packets

Ok.. there is a TON of stuff out there to help keep your kids attention during Conference. Here are two I created for our primary last year. I pretty much just cut and pasted from several different packets and from the friend. Hope this list of links helps you out!

General Conference Packet- Junior Primary
General Conference Packet- Senior Primary
Notebook - The Church created this last year.
Activities - created it this year. It contains a notebook, coloring pages, online matching games...
Book of Mormon Coloring - Bookof - Packet for Adults and Older Youth
Life of Pres. Monson - Bookof - Packet, General Athority Cards, Bingo, Matching Games, Sacrament Meeting Activities - Youth, Senior and Junior Primary Packets
Tiny Person Packet - Crystal Shares
Watch it! - Conference via internet!

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