Friday, May 14

Conference Thought Jars

Are you ready?  Drum roll please!  (Drum roll noises and then...) Ching! (That's a cymbol sound!)  Our very first guest blogger!  Well... she doesn't really blog, but she is my wonderful Aunt Diane Eld, who is also very crafty!  She sent me her idea for a visit teaching gift for this month and I just couldn't resist sharing!  (Let's face it... I'm awesome, but very much not the only one with awesome ideas!)

She says: "In trying to decide which message to give my ladies this month I decided to give them a little of each talk. Just below each title is a sentence that describes the talk. I copied and pasted it from each talk. President Monson's closing talk I used several important quotes they have a astrix (*) to help point them out. These can be a daily thought to ponder for yourself, families can use them for daily quick thought and maybe short discussion to start the day. Empty nester's or families it's a great family home evening to pick a few and discuss your thoughts."

As you can see it's pretty simple to put together!  I would recommend hot gluing your fabric lid together so that you don't have to "redo" the pretty cushy top everytime you open it.  I'm sure you could have figured that out pretty quick, but... I'm a blonde... so I know I skip silly things like that sometimes!
"It's a recyclable gift. When your finished it's a pin cushion/sewing notion bottle."
*Please note, if you are coming to this post through the "Sew Sweet" page.  It is labeled there because this is a cute pin cushion and notion container!


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