Saturday, May 15

Twist V's

Aurora is so funny.  I have no clue how I can keep satisfying her silly hair ideas!  They actually turn out pretty cute too!

I didn't take step by step pics for this on cause it's actually much easier than it looks.  Just follow the directions!  Just look at the pic as you read my directions.

First I did 4 skinny twists and ponied them on the left side of her crown.  Notice that these are perpendicular to her forehead.

Then all I did was take 3 sections (You could do 4... her hair is just thin.) from the right side.  I made those section parallel to her forehead and started with the one going to be closest to the back.  I twisted it and then... instead of putting the pony  at the base, near the head... I gathered the hair from the first left pony and just elasticed them together.  I got another section from the right and twisted, took the second left pony and elasticed all of them together..... blah blah... you get it right?  Hmm... maybe I'll do step by step instructions later....  Let me know if you would like them and I have never gotten around to it!

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