Tuesday, March 1

Very Important People!


It's amazing the amount of paperwork that comes with existing isn't it!  Being in the military it seems that we are constantly needing to pull out important papers over and over, whether is birth certificates so we can cross borders, or shot records so we can sign up for soccer!  I've decided it's time to put all our most important things into one place so we can easily move and travel with them.  It can be difficult to travel with a file cabinet in your suitcase!  (I've never actually done that, but... I know my papers tend to end up in a pile instead of back in the file cabinet.) So begin a journey with me as we attempt to put our paper life into order!  That being said... lets start the fun!

First we are going to start by getting our file system together.

You Will Need
A Big 3 Ring Binder
Gigantic Box of Page Protectors
Clear Packing Tape

You Will Also Need to Download and Print

To create the tabs I cut them out and folded them in half.  Then I cut packing tape to the tab size and attached them to the edge of the dividers.

I have tried to included everything into this file whether it pertains to me or not.  I would like this to be something that everyone can use.  If there is something you think should be added please shoot me an email at sherbertcafe@gmail.com!  Keep in mind that there will be specific instructions to what might be included in each subcategory.  Stay tuned to begin the organization!  Again... LOL

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