Monday, February 28

Reading Charts

We are military and, as such, we tend to move a ton.  This is the first time we have had to plan a move with little ones IN school.  Rgg..  I will be home-schooling a Kindergartner and a Pre-K!  I know...  I shouldn't be nervous, but I am.

Last summer I signed the kiddos up for a Summer Reading Program through the base library.  Now that they are both learning to read we go through our library books quicker than ever!  I decided to start charting their reading to help with some sort of structure for when we start "Home-school".
  • For every 15 minutes of reading they got to color in a picture on a chart.  
  • If you have smaller ones that won't sit still for 15 minutes you could just have them color a picture for each book.  
  • For each page (or line, depending on how much you read) I have a prize for them.  (I found a set of Junie B. Jones at the thrift store!)
Charting your child's reading helps them get more excited to do it!  Giving them a book at the end encourages them even more!

Click each link below to download that months Reading Chart OR download all of them at once!

All images are from "pea doodle" fonts off  Seriously.. my FAVORITE site for fonts!

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