Wednesday, June 23

Barber Shop Ponytail

Here is another post in the Helmet Hair Series!  We were looking for something QUICK!  It had been a busy morning....

I started by placing a row of connecting piggies down one section of her head.  It is easier to do this if you part the hair and place it in temporary ponies.  I just didn't take a picture of that because... like I said... we were in a hurry!

Next gather all the hair into one ponytail.
Here is the Barber shop part.  All I did was start by tying a long piece of ribbon to the top pony...
And then quickly loop it around and around in hopefully evenly spaced sections!
I finished it by tying it into a bow at the bottom!  It worked great under her helmet.  Honestly if I had more time I would have done mirrow pigtails instead of one pony.  I did this on the side and the opposite side had several loose hairs at the end of the day!  I just figured we were going for the wind swept look!

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