Tuesday, June 22

A Pony Tail with a Big Heart!

No... not that the pony tail has a beating heart.  You are going to create a Big Heart near the ponytail!  lol  I'm so funny!  This is another one that is great for Helmet Hair!

Start by creating 3 sections on the top of her head, making sure you leave some hair in a small section above her ear... we will get to that later.  The 3 sections can be braided, Unicorn twisted, of just pulled back into piggies!  BUT  the middle one needs to go back about level with her ear or even past!  If I had been thinking... which I wasn't... I would have made the middle section go to a point in the back... would have made this look more like a heart, but still cute!  The other sections next to it need to be half the length.  When creating them just split that middle one in half and connect that remaining hair to the others.
Here is a view from the side.  You are pretty much just going to connect and link all the ponies from here.  Gather the remaining hair above her ear and add it into a piggie on the side.  I made sure that this one was even closer to the front that the others.

Here is another view from the top at this point.  You can see why creating a point with that first middle section would have looked cuter, but again... I still think it's cute!

OK... back to the side views.  See... I just sectioned out some more hair and I'm going to take that other piggy and add it, making sure that this one is low and following a heart shape pattern!

I pulled out one more section on each side here and left a triangle shape at the bottom.

Then gather them all onto one to finish off the pony!  YEAH!!!  Easy Wheezy and CUTE!

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