Thursday, June 3

Ice Cream Cake Coupon

Ok... so this is more just to share my random thing.  We went to a friends birthday party and I knew he loved ice cream cake.  His whole family had been going on about it for a week!  They had been looking everywhere for the perfect ice cream cake at the perfect price.  Well... of course he was going to have one at his party so I couldn't make him one fore that!  Knowing we would eat dinner with him again later I made this coupon and just wrote our number on the back of it!   Easy digital scrapbooking fun and a good gift!

Notice that I left the age out so that you could put in the age you need for your friend!
This coupon was created using the haPEA Birthday set by Tia Bennett.

When I end up making his cake I shall do a tutorial on ice cream cakes! Stay tuned for actual scoops of fun... not just Sherbert Cafe scoops.  Those are great, but not near as delicious tasting as actual ice cream!

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