Tuesday, June 1

Basic French Unicorn

Ok... so this post was going to be just video of how to do a Basic French Unicorn Twist, but...  I, of course, told my daughter what we were going to do today and she decided to practice.  While I was doing her brother's fauxhawks.  I was amazed at how well she did!  Don't worry... I'm sure it will be a little while before she won't let me fix her hair altogether.

So since she did such a great job I couldn't take it out.  I piggied the end and now we are doing a French Unicron Twist across the back and putting it into a side pony.  For a basic one just start at the top instead of the side!  lol

Here is the video!  Hope that it helps!  Unicorn away!  lol

Here is the finished product!  She is so proud of herself!

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