Thursday, June 10

Triple Heart Ponytail

This is an easy one!  But.... I somehow deleted random pictures from my camera.  Not sure how I did that.... might has something to do with letting my son take pictures around the house with it.  Hmm...
Here is what the finished result will be!
Anyways!  I started by parting out the front section of her hair into three.  Just for looks I made the center one triangle.
Then I did upside down pull throughs.  (Pretty much your divide the hair inside the pony in half and pull the hair hanging out through.  Instead of doing this so the hair hangs down the back like normal, do it so the hair is hangin' in her face!)
Here is the tricky part.  Go ahead and put all the hair in the back into a ponytail.  Next you are going to divide the hair hanging from your little front ponies in half.  Twist one to the left and one to the right and pin them both back in the big pony in the back!
Do this to all three and you have hearts on her head in a pony!  Top it off with a cute bow or clip and you are done! 

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