Friday, June 11

Firework Hair-Tie

So... I thought I would do easy hair on my little girl one day and when I threw it up into a pony I told her to go pick out a matching bow.  She says, "Mommy there aren't any!  Can't you make me a new one?"  So much for easy hir day.
I did go a simple route when making this.  I didn't want to pull out a hot glue gun.  All you will need is a candle to burn the tips of your ribbon, a hair tie, and... RIBBON!  I think I had about 25 pieces total, each about 4 inches in length.
You will also need a cute little girl to hold the hair tie while you double knot the ribbon to it!  No... you may not borrow mine.  I wasn't real particular about how I put them around it.  Your are going to have to wrap it around the pony several times anyways.

See!  She said it looked like a firework!  So cute.

Perfect for easy hair day!  Well... minus making the hair tie, but easy enough!

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