Sunday, July 18

Fancy "X" Piggies

Ok... I saw this idea on  When my daughter saw it she called it Fancy X.  We were going for more of a pigtail look, so... we changed it a little.  Her sight is amazing.  Go on over and check our her Quick Twist and Weave which was the inspiration for this easy do!  She did a video!  I'm on vacation... no video for you!
Divide into 6 parts!
This is the top.. her head is on the left side.  I divided the top lef tinto 3 sections, twisted and pulled them into the caddie corner pony.
I did the same thing with the right side, but I weaved them  and pulled them to the left side!
Here is my finished product!  I did the same thing in the back.  So... 2 Fancy X's total!  Thank you!

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