Saturday, July 17

"Dr. Pepper" Soap

Here I am on vacation at my parents who live in TEXAS!  (So friggin hot.)  I had to do something Texasee...  Texasie...  Something that reminds me of Texas for the blog!  What could be more Texas than my mostest favorite drink in the world... Dr. Pepper!  I love DP and my babysitter does too!  She is the only one who truly understands my addiction.  So this post is for sure dedicated to BILLIE GARNER!  We love ya girl.

This was an adventure for me.  Here we were, at a great BBQ place, and I was sippin my pure cane DP and thinking what could I do.. Hmm...  (I was also thinking... YEAH  My little sis is having a girl!  Cause that is why we were there... For her to announce the babies gender.)  But still... crafty...  Hmmm....

I saw on a blog a while back a soap dispenser made from a mason jar.  I thought it was cute, but... held to much soap for my taste.... or hands?  The little Pure Cane DP (Dr. Pepper)  bottle was PERFECT.  My challenge was to create the color of DP without it smelling to bad....  Hmm....  This was a very long process.....  I tried several things.  I've never made, or colored soap of candles so...  I will shorten this by just telling you what I did!

I mixed my colors in a glass measuring cup.  I ended up needing about 2 cups of soap to fill the bottle.
In the cup I poured some yummy smelling redish body wash...  I believe the original scent was Cranberry.  I then added about 1 tsp of Maple Extract.  Yes... like the extract you would use if making maple syrup!  Vanilla was to liquidy clear...  I was going for COLOR and I figured... I'm not using much and if you can eat it... it should be OK for your hands.  Plus...  I was adding it to soap!  It will wash off your hands!

Next I stole a pump from one of my Mom's shampoo bottles.  Ok... she stole for me.  Thanks for donating to my cause mommy!  I washed it and measured it to the right height for my bottle and trimmed!  I needed a taller pump than the soap that I bought at the store.  I was thinking of color when I bought it, not height.  This pump worked PERFECT!  It was magically the right width so I didn't have to glue it down and I can reuse my bottle.  It very slightly over lapped with the bottle groves!  You can purchase tall pumps in any cleaner section.  I'm sure you could order the shampoo pump online or buy it from a hair dresser store like Ulta or Sally's.

Last I poured my DP soap into the bottle and put my lid on!  After I figured out the color this was way to easy.  My scent turned out... different, but not something you would hate having on your hands.  Plus... it's  JUST PLAIN NIFTY!!!!  Just... don't drink it!

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