Friday, January 28

Family Proclamation ABC's

So my kiddos have finally used up all the coloring pages I printed for them for Sacrament Meeting, so one thing on my TO DO list this week was print color pages.   I saw this post on BeingLDS and knew it was fate!    I just decided to take it a step further and create something that could be used during FHE, Family Scripture Study or  as a coloring book during Sacrament Meeting!

I went through The Proclamation and found the letters A-Z in order!  It was hard!  I did have to take some creative liscensing and misspell a few words.  (LiQley... Unother...)  I also had to kinda insert the word Join.  I think the place I put it will help to memorize, but you don't have to actually remember the word itself?  I dunno... It was MUCH harder than I thought!

All you need to do is print the file below, punch the edge, and slip 'em in a folder! If you want to get all fancy you could print front and back!  (Oh such a fancy idea!  How does she think of these things?)  Enjoy!  Let me know how you like it!  
Click the picture to download the full book!
For me the full download took a while, so... here it is again it 2 parts.  Just click the words to download.
Part 1
Part 2

Below is a list of links where I grabbed the coloring pictures.  All sites have several free downloads for pictures and you can print you little coloring heart out!
Discovery Education's Clip Art Gallery

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  1. that is awesome! You did a wonderful job!!