Wednesday, July 21

Tie Dye (Hearts)

These are so much easier than they look!  Are you ready for some Tie Dye Hearts?
Find the line where you want your heart middle to be.  You can do one right in the middle, through both layers, but... again... I must be different!  Even when trying this for the first time.
Ok.. Since I did mine off center and in a corner... I only wanted a heart through one layer of shirt.  At this point you could easily just fold your shirt in half and go through 2 layers in the middle.
Now draw half a heard on your fold and you are going to start gathering at the bottom.
Keep going... keeping the line you drew together.
Here I am almost done.  The curve of the heart at the top is the hardest.  Just notice how where my fingers are pinching the fabric my pink mark is all in one line.
You are then going to place a rubber band over your drawn line.  Keeping it all together.
I added a few more bands down the line.  

Again... I can't make it easy on myself... even for the first time of dyeing hearts!  I wanted a smaller one on the sleeve.  The angle of the marker is where I put my fold.
Here it is folded with my half a heart drawn on.
I did the same type of folding... following the line and then banding it.

Here is it with the dye on.  the blue/pink part on the left is my heart on the sleeve and the pink/blue/pink is the one on the body of the shirt.
Here it is all washed and dried!  Turned our pretty cute if I must say so myself!

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