Tuesday, July 20

Tie Dye (Simple Stripes and a Circle)

Here are two different Tie Dye patterns I did for the 4th.  They are both very basic, but I figured I took the time to take pictures and it is interesting how different they come out!

First up... Stripes!
Lay your shirt flat and the slide your hand up to create pleats horizontally across the front.
Rubber band it together.
Put your dye where you would like.  I ran out of blue, so I tried something.. it didn't work, but the dark blue stuck!
Here is what it looks like finished... Just remember... the blue was supposed to stand out just as much as the red, but... we kinda ran out and it was 1 am!

See where I'm pointing.. that will be the middle of my circle.  I wanted it off center.
Now I just pinch there and lift!
Then I put a rubber band near the top where I was pinching!
Then rubber band all the way down.
Here is where I dyed.  (Note... DYE  not DIE  or I wouldn't be posting this.)
Here it is finished!

Two basics.. the look very similar banded, but very different in the end.

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